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Off-Plan Build

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Services We Offer!


Our Land Agents and Development Consultants offer a comprehensive appraisal, acquisition and disposal service. Aided by our dedicated New Homes and Build-to-Rent (BtR) departments and global branch network, we have up to the minute market intelligence that allows us to best advise landowners, maximising their land values.

From brownfield land to residential towers, we buy and sell a diverse range of investment and development land across wider regional markets.

Our expertise includes:

  • Site Searches
  • Site Acquisitions
  • Disposal Strategies
  • Site Assembly
  • Development Land Agency
  • Development Consultancy
  • Joint Venture Agreements

Off-Plan Build

Buying off-plan property means purchasing property in advance of its completion. These sort of properties are typically sold prior to construction, beginning at a significant discount, with a deposit requirement.

Buying off-plan lets you purchase a property at a price that could be below its future market value. This approach is ideal for every situation. Whether you want to resell the property once it’s finished, let it out or most importantly, live in it, it is the perfect solution. One of the biggest advantages of buying off-plan is SELECTION. Unlike in completed buildings, when buying off-plan properties, you can usually select the ideal units and materials in accordance with your needs, tastes and budget.


With homes ranging from studio apartments to five-bedroom houses, there is something to suit every lifestyle and budget. All our homes are built to an exceptional standard and the interior of each home is designed with high quality materials and fixtures.

As soon as you move in, you will have the perfect blank canvas to decorate in your own style and turn your house into a home that suits you.


Being valuable capital assets, your property invariably yields handsome rewards for the astute investor you are by providing vital building blocks for portfolio expansion and diversification. It is vital, therefore, to regard the selling of a property as a tactical business decision to be undertaken with the aim of reducing costs and increasing the return on investment.

The difference between a moderately profitable transaction and a financial windfall is usually down to the timing and levels of preparation that you’re ready to undertake and it’s in these areas that the expertise and advice of an established estate agent becomes an essential resource. Let us handle your property sale so you can achieve maximum results.

Rentals/ Leases

With years of experience and in-depth market knowledge, our lettings team are experts in matching people with their perfect property. We have an array of properties which suit different needs and will always be on hand to coordinate your move in, supporting you throughout your tenancy.

We want to provide an unrivalled experience when it comes to renting a property. From our first contact with you to when you need to move out, we are committed to providing only the highest quality of service. We’re proud that many of our tenants choose to stay with us for long term tenancies or move into other J & F REALTORS properties when their existing tenancies come to an end.

Our tenants are well looked after and receive an unprecedented level of service.


Realize the True Value of Your Property.

 Our ‘Knowing What It’s Worth’ service is specially designed with you in mind. It is dependable and accurate, taking into account the need to precisely know what your property is worth, at any time, under any market conditions.

Your property value is a key factor in guiding real estate decisions. In today’s ever-changing market, you need access to the most comprehensive, real-time data and skilled professionals who derive intelligence from analytics. We help you realize the true value of your property with trusted real estate insights from the most recognized professionals in the industry.

Our in-house property value experts will work with you to ensure that your property is valued at a rate which is indicative of its worth and beyond.

Residential Development

We pride ourselves on our ability to derive community-building solutions. This is the bedrock of our Residential Development Department and that of the company, as a whole. Community and a sense of belonging is important to us and so each residential development crafted by us bears a true reflection of that.

The well-being and comfort of the residents of our residential developments is our priority and so we strive to make provisions which offer the community a well-deserving quality of life. To achieve this, we have a series of high standing and state-of-the-art facilities and services incorporated into our residential development offerings, ranging from sports facilities, family spaces to gardens and relaxation/recreation spaces.

Property Management

Our Property Management service for Property Owners takes the hassle out of residential tenancy and property management. From broad online marketing to professional tenants, and a high-quality property maintenance service — leave it all to us as we have got you well covered!

Our Hosts are experienced property managers who will rent out your property quickly and manage and care for it efficiently! We manage your property and deal with any problems as they arise, keeping you and your tenants happy. We can provide you with a tailored range of services, including a dedicated property manager, professional advice on rental legalities, and overseeing any issues or queries on your behalf or on behalf of your tenants.

We offer full-service property management and block management services. Landlords with rental investments use us to take care of their portfolios by looking after their tenants and maintaining the property, whether this be day-to-day maintenance, keeping on top of legislation, refurbishment works and related finances. Maximising the value and income-generating potential of your property is our uttermost priority.

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