Leading IT Consultancy and Development subsidiary.

JF TECH is a leading IT Consultancy and Development subsidiary.

We engage in Software Design and Implementation Services, providing specialist, complex and technical support, as required.

We follow a seamless five step IT consultancy process (APDDM) to make sure you are provided with all the information, help, and support you need. Our highly qualified IT Consultants, Project Managers, Cloud Specialists, Blockchain/WEB 3 Specialists and Cyber Security personnels use their expert knowledge to develop and implement a package of IT Consultancy and IT Outsourcing services based on each client’s individual requirements and business needs.

Our IT Consultancy Process

Before we begin any project, we take the time to fully understand your needs, vision, and desired outcomes. The assessment of the existing infrastructure and situation plays a major role in the success of a project. Precise and accurate identification of the interconnection of systems and applications is needed in order to continue infrastructure improvements.
Upon completion of the analysis stage, we proceed with putting a full plan in place. You can be sure of transparent and effective communication, which allows for flexibility in the consultancy process.
Once the planning stage is completed, we’ll then bring together all the information acquired and collated during the analysis and planning stages, using those to bring your vision to life. In this stage, we offer consulting for choosing the best hardware and software solution and we draw the implementation plan. We document every step and process in detail, so that the new IT system is easy to use and offers you maximum benefits. We prepare for any scenario, including a rollback plan.
Once we’ve gotten the designs, we can start to bring your roadmap to life, bringing you one step closer to achieving your business goals. Implementing the agreed solution design means that we will make the necessary upgrades, install the equipment, and make all the necessary changes for your IT system to function according to plan. We work on well-defined schedules, making great effort to minimize implications. We test carefully to make sure the system is working properly.
From experience, we know that you will appreciate our support, even after our solution has been successfully implemented. We provide the necessary assistance so that you may get acquainted with the new system and be able to make the most of its advantages. Subsequently, we can manage and monitor your system 24/7 to ensure that it will work under optimal parameters and that you will not have any interruptions in activity.

Get the most out of your technology!

Digital transformation isn’t just about embracing new technologies.

Modern businesses require modern, open technologies which unite and align your strategy and processes to meaningful automation, careful insights and outcomes. Digital transformation is essential in today’s competitive marketplace, but to be successful it needs a guiding strategy. A strategic approach means you can see the whole picture and build value in phases. True transformation creates new intelligent workflows, supporting new efficiencies and ways of working.

Modernization is more than a generic term for improvement. It means assessing and optimizing your systems towards measurable business outcomes, along with adapting your organization’s mindsets and skill sets to take advantage of new technology. If you approach modernization thoughtfully, you can take strategic steps to make it a reality and reap the benefits.

Digital transformation isn’t just about embracing new technologies, it involves people, processes, and governance. Evolved skills and operating models will drive and sustain change company-wide. Your Team will need to acclimate to environments that are more agile than they’ve known — and where more opportunity exists.

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